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Digital Signage: Innovation in advertising and brand marketing

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a modern trend in communication that takes advantage of the widening digital reach. Digital signage involves the use of versatile and powerful visual communication means to display selected digital messages to a targeted audience.

Digital signs are changing commerce by enabling the use of strategically positioned and enjoyable content. The displays offer high quality resolution, and can be connected to the internet and other devices that infinitely increase their ability to draw in customers.

Digital signage is more versatile and flexible than other means of advertising. It embraces the rich variety of the digital platform and is more likely to attract the new digital-minded customer.

The benefits of digital signage for modern businesses

Jarbcom4 Digital Signage

Digital signage has changed the way advertisements are carried out, and helped to make them more likely to deliver the message. Digital signage technology can incorporate video into the advertisements it seeks to run. Videos are more captivating to the audience than still pictures. By engaging customers on a deeper level, your business will be more likely to grab their attention and grow the brand.

Digital signage is more price friendly than other types of advertisements in the long run. While its initial installation may be somewhat expensive, it is only a one-time expense. After purchasing the equipment and setting up the signage, you may only need one person to operate and monitor an entire region’s work. Digital signs do not have the large overhead that is involved with other types of advertising. Having a single central operator will ensure uniformity and consistency in brand marketing. It could prove to be the key to growth.

Digital signage advertisements can be developed for specific seasonal use. For instance, you can feature adverts for snow gear during snow weather and sunny wear for sunny days on the same advertising space. This makes digital signs convenient for use at all times, without inconveniencing the brand by needing to spend more on advertising.

In the projector department, Viewsonic offers up to 4K Ultra HD displays for your business and home entertainment, and offer connectivity options such as HDMI, USB and wireless presentation for both android and PC interfaces.

Jarbcom4 Digital Signage
Jarbcom4 Digital Signage

Digital signage can incorporate content from your business’ online platforms. You will save time and costs by avoiding the unnecessary expense of having to make two distinct campaigns for maximization of exposure. It will also help to create brand uniformity, which will help your clients identify your brand easily.

Digital signs can be used to improve customer experience. Some places may require that customers spend a little time waiting for their turn to buy goods or services. Customers may feel neglected or undervalued if they are forced to spend lengthy amounts of time waiting in line. By keeping the customers entertained, they will be less likely to be too conscious about the time spent waiting. This could help you retain customers as well as grow your brand.

The benefits of digital signage for modern businesses

Digital signage is cost effective, since it is easy to develop content for the digital platform. It also allows for proactive preparation of ad campaigns. Advertisements can be developed for specific seasonal use. For instance, you can feature adverts for snow gear during snow weather and sunny wear for sunny days on the same advertising space.

  • Increases brand performance through boost in sales.
  • Reduces costs of operations through a reduction in overall advertising and administration costs.
  • Offers a far more powerful medium than print in the form of video.
  • Offers entertainment for you customers and creates positive buzz around your brand.
  • Remotely change or modify digital signage from anywhere in the world!

Jarbcom  Digital Signage

Embracing partnerships in digital signage

Jarbcom4 Digital Signage

Jarbcom, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan, offers great potential for partnership in digital signage. Innovators in Troy, Farmington Hills, Birmingham, Royal Oaks, West Bloomfield, Novi, and Bloomfield Hills have acknowledged the need for and benefit of digital signage. By embracing Jarbcom’s technologies and innovations, we can combine efforts to pioneer even greater advancements in digital signage that will reshape how advertising is done.

You should consider taking up digital signage for your brand. You stand to benefit immensely over time due to the reduced costs, versatility in terms of advertising options, increased brand performance and exposure. For more information, contact us or request a free quote below!

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